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Blockchain, the enabler of the cryptocurrency Technology

In our discussion of mega-trends that are impacting the world today, we would be remiss if we did not discuss blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a true disruptive technology and experts have called it the future and the most disruptive technology in decades. The entire discussion regarding cryptocurrency is based upon blockchain technology. The hype is certainly there. Nevertheless, there is some confusion about what blockchain technology actually is and why it is so disruptive today. Understanding these facts, you

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13 Disruptive Technologies Impacting Our Daily Lives Living in the 4th industrial revolution sets forth that we have to embrace disruptive technologies that are enablers for digital transformations. It’s imperative to understand how those technologies change our daily lives, the way we work and play. Get up to speed what digital transformation really means, high-level understanding of 13 disruptive technologies and 2 bonus sections on user experience and digital empathy. Get ebook! Topics Covered What is Digital Transformation? Internet of

Digital Twin: A Mega-Trend in the Digital Revolution

Living in an era of disruptive innovation and ever-complex digital technologies, it is all too easy to focus on technologies that occupy the headlines of our favorite blogs or magazines. Technologies like artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies take up a significant amount of oxygen in the media landscape. While these technologies do promise to significantly change our lives, they tend to overshadow other technologies and trends that are already revolutionizing life today such as Digital Twin (or also announced “Digital Twins”).

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Welcome, on my personal space on the web. I am passionate about the different aspects of DIGITALIZATION in this rapidly changing world. I want to help you – as an individual or organization – to master the disruptive nature of digitalization and become a DIGITAL INNOVATOR to outpace the competition.  Leverage the Digital Transformation Framework, read my blog to get startet and if you got any questions, reach out!  Happy reading and feel free to connect with me on Social Media!

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