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Shift From Measurement To User Experience (“UX”) with XLA

If you work in the IT Sector, you likely have heard of the service level agreements (“SLA”). SLAs, with underlying KPIs, can be great tools to articulate expectations in a service provider – client relationship. In other words, they can avoid disputes or confusion about things like the objectives and performance metrics as part of the engagement. SLAs have been around for ages and not providing real value anymore when it comes to end-user and customer and user experience (“UX”) in

Design Thinking Matters in Digital Transformation

Why Design Thinking Matters in Digital Transformations

The business environment today is less defined by whether a firm “works in technology” or not. All businesses must embrace the power of scale, design thinking, and disruptive digital technologies, whether they are in the consumer (b2c) or enterprise (b2b) businesses. Nevertheless, some businesses haven’t yet fully embraced everything that disruptive technology has to offer. Whether it is due to a lack of resources or lack of execution, these businesses need to embrace everything that digital transformation has to offer.

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13 Disruptive Technologies Impacting Our Daily Lives Living in the 4th industrial revolution sets forth that we have to embrace disruptive technologies that are enablers for digital transformations. It’s imperative to understand how those technologies change our daily lives, the way we work and play. Get up to speed what digital transformation really means, high-level understanding of 13 disruptive technologies and 2 bonus sections on user experience and digital empathy. Get ebook! Topics Covered What is Digital Transformation? Internet of

Digital Emphathy

Why Empathy Matters in the Digital Age

The digital age has unlocked massive opportunities for creators. We are truly living in a remarkable period of creativity and innovation, where developers all around the world can create game-changing products and services. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, working as a developer at a large corporation or in general at a service company, it is an exciting time to release products or services into the world. When creating a new digital product or service, however, there are several best


Digital Transformation Framework

INTRODUCTION The world around us is changing more rapidly than ever before. The way we work, interact on a global scale and have fun is fundamentally changing our behaviors and experiences across different channels. Enterprises that have been around for decades have to embrace this digital change to dominate and stay relevant in their marketplace. Without understanding the digital era, with its disruptive technologies, enterprises will fall behind and – most likely – disappear from their markets as digital adopters

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Welcome, on my personal space on the web. I am passionate about the different aspects of DIGITALIZATION in this rapidly changing world. I want to help you – as an individual or organization – to master the disruptive nature of digitalization and become a DIGITAL INNOVATOR to outpace the competition.  Leverage the Digital Transformation Framework, read my blog to get startet and if you got any questions, reach out!  Happy reading and feel free to connect with me on Social Media!

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