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How Machine Learning and Internet of Things are Disrupting Manufacturing

The 21st century has been characterized by a series of new innovations which has drastically changed many business environments. Increased connectivity, far-evolved data storage capabilities and ever-increasing computing power has enabled the development of disruptive technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), Machine Learning (“ML”), and Internet of Things (“IoT”). So, let us have a closer look how Machine Learning and Internet of Things are disrupting manufacturing. The objective of Artificial Intelligence – and more specifically Machine Learning – is to find

distributed cloud

How the Distributed Cloud is Disrupting Cloud Models

In our continuing study of today’s technological megatrends, we have covered game-changing technologies like drones, blockchain, artificial intelligence (“AI”), and 3D printing technology. While it is impossible to predict how the future will precisely play out, I am confident that these technologies will play a major role in our personal and professional lives. There is yet another technology, however, that brings some efficiencies to a technology that is already known for efficiency. Specifically, we are talking about the distributed cloud.


How 5G Can Accelerate Digital Transformations

One of the most prominent megatrends in our world today centers on the development of 5G technology. This technology has generated enthusiasm among technologists and futurists, with some saying that “5G is going to change everything.” The Financial Times even noted that superfast 5G technology promises to be a game-changer for humanity. While it’s debatable whether the hype is going too far, the bottom line is that this technology will certainly change the way that we work and play. Because


Why Nanobots May Turn the Tide in the War Against Cancer

While we are living in an unprecedented level of digital disruption, we still face significant threats and challenges to our health and livelihoods. Everything from intensifying hurricanes due to climate change and increasing levels of income inequality will likely be issues that we confront in the decades to come. However, nanobots are perhaps not the most known digital innovations of this era, but they will become more and more visible now, especially considering cancer treatment! Another key challenge that we

Design Thinking Matters in Digital Transformation

Why Design Thinking Matters in Digital Transformations

The business environment today is less defined by whether a firm “works in technology” or not. All businesses must embrace the power of scale, design thinking, and disruptive digital technologies, whether they are in the consumer (b2c) or enterprise (b2b) businesses. Nevertheless, some businesses haven’t yet fully embraced everything that disruptive technology has to offer. Whether it is due to a lack of resources or lack of execution, these businesses need to embrace everything that digital transformation has to offer.


Drones Are Reshaping Digital Applications and Business Models

One of the most iconic science fiction movies ever is The Terminator. Not only is it an entertaining movie with a legendary cast, but the film takes a look at what our (admittedly dark) future could look like. One iconic image is of hunter-killer drones that are hunting the last humans remaining on earth. While we aren’t yet at the point of Skynet wiping out humanity, The Terminator foreshadowed one of the mega-trends that is making waves in our world

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