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Digital Transformation eBook

13 Disruptive Technologies Impacting Our Daily Lives Living in the 4th industrial revolution sets forth that we have to embrace disruptive technologies that are enablers for digital transformations. It’s imperative to understand how those technologies change our daily lives, the way we work and play. Get up to speed what digital transformation really means, high-level understanding of 13 disruptive technologies and 2 bonus sections on user experience and digital empathy. Get ebook! Topics Covered What is Digital Transformation? Internet of


About Tim Herglotz holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and is passionate about Digital Disruption and all aspects of Sales. He’s a writer, creative disruptor, and Deal Maker for Strategic Digital Outsourcing Deals. He is married and the father of a son, Mex. Originally Dutch, he’s been living near Cologne (Germany) for more than 5 years. Tim is a true ambassador showing that coaching is one of the – if not the – most critical asset for enabling

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Tim Herglotz // Digital Strategist // Deal Maker// Tech Writer Digital Strategist Help customers embracing Digital Mega Trends to increase value for their customers. Deal Maker Leading dedicated Deal Teams to win +50m€ Digital Transformation Deals. Negotiator Effectively design, negotiate and close large and complex Digital contracts. Coach Coach Sales individuals to radical increase win-rates of their deals and customers Digital Strategy Father Teach my son everyday something new, appreciating his present and time spend together. Kitesurfer Passionate Kitesurfer, challenging

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